Saturday, 3 January 2015

New children's short story available on Amazon Kindle.

Meet Jamie, Roger, Sarah and Lucky the Beagle. Being children in the days before personal computers were invented wasn’t just different, it was FUN!

Roads were for cycling on, cars a minor distraction. Taking the dog for a walk wasn’t just a chore; she was part of the gang. Living on wild and dangerous Dartmoor wasn’t just for tourists on their holiday weekends; it was also for kids to climb, walk and tramp through bogs to keep their mothers busy back home each day washing their filthy clothes.

Parents were so busy they hardly had time to keep an eye on you; mum spent the best part of her day making delicious cakes, pasties and pies; whilst dad was only ever seen in the evenings after he’d left the factory or office. All this meant that kids could have exciting ADVENTURES!

This short story introduces Jamie, Roger, Sarah and Lucky the Beagle as they go on their first adventure, trying to disrupt the heinous crimes of modern day pirates on the hills and in the valleys of Dartmoor.

Now available on Amazon Kindle