Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Gringo is back! Welcome to Rome!


ANITA said...

Nice to see you again:-) :-) :-)
Beautiful belle belle Rome:-) :-) :-) :-)

Juan Antonio Torron Castro said...

Una vista estupenda de esa gran ciudad.


RedPat said...

Wow - what a view when I enlarged the pic! Welcome home.

Kaya said...

You are back, Gringo!!! Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!

That is a fantastic view of Rome!!!!

I am thrilled to see more pictures of this beautiful city.

Michelle said...


Lúcia said...

Welcome back Gringo!
Hope you have enjoyed your vacation!
Looking forward too seeing more photos! :)

yucca said...

Thank you for your visiting and leaving comment!

orvokki said...

Hups.. I didn't find that you are back here in your blog.
It was really good that you visited my blog telling "helou I'm back" (or something like this..)
It*s always nice to watch your images.
I'll see you in the future.