Wednesday, 14 November 2012

China: Xiamen 1994: Don't you just love these guys!


Vaty ♪ said...

I love these captures.. the best ones ever.
Have a good day.

Kaya said...

They made me smile. A little bit unusual.

This is a great moment, you captured, Gringo!!!!

Gumer Paz said...

La foto, genial Gringo. Una Vespa en pleno Mercado. Además, hacía mucho tiempo que no veia a nadie sentado de lado en una moto. Un saludo :)

Lúcia said...

Simple life with a touch of humour! ;-)

orvokki said...

A wonderful image.
I wonder if Mrs. keeping up with the swing when the scooter is moving ..
or whether the speed at all.

Robert Geiss said...

Looks as if they trust each other. Wonderful.