Wednesday, 28 December 2011

UK: Norfolk: Sheringham: A visit to the shops to stock up on supplies.


RedPat said...

Love that butcher statue! You must live somewhere near my friend who is in Cromer.

Maelgi said...

placer visitarte nuevamente. muy bellas todas las fotos , estoy alejada por trabajo. Feliz 2012 , con alegrías y sueños . amor y paz a ti y familia, Paz en el mundo. ♥.

Anonymous said...

What joy just to think of it, having Marmelade and a nice cup of hot tea in the morning - thank you. Please have a good Thursday.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Are you preparing for in case the weather gets too bad Gringo, or is it just the weekly shop!!

Kaya said...

I wish we would have these shops also.

These is the atmosphere of an old time in this picture and I love it very much!

The "butcher" is wonderfully inviting. You put a smile on my face just looking at him.

Gringo, this picture is fascinating and great!