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A collection of enthralling Norfolk tales by thirteen new Norfolk writers, edited by Norfolk crime writer Kelvin I. Jones, will be published by OAKMAGIC PUBLICATIONS on 30th September 2011. Many of the 13 tales in NORFOLK TALES are mystery stories set in Norfolk, by new authors, although they are not necessarily limited to a specific genre. However, they all share a common objective. They provide us with an often alarming and disturbing insight into the human condition. Many of the contributors live in the North Norfolk area and were members of Mr Jones' Creative Writing classes

The editor, Kelvin I Jones, is an authority on Cornish witchcraft. He is the author of six books about Sherlock Holmes and a biography of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. His work has been compared by both Francis King, the critic and novelist and Ramsey Campbell, the British fantasy and horror writer, to the work of the English ghost story writer, M.R. James. For some years he was a creative writing tutor for the University of East Anglia.The new book will be available on Amazon from 30 Sept. 2011 or direct from Copies may also be purchased from the Ceres bookshop, in Swaffham. See also the facebook page for OAKMAGIC PUBLICATIONS for details.

ISBN: 978 1904330 73 8

PRICE: £7.99


euthymic said...

Sounds like a good book:) I hope we can get it in the Philippines.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Sounds like it'll be a good read Gringo..murder and mystery oh yeah!!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

So, are you one of these students who writes? Please tell us more about the book and the authors.


Gringo said...

Hi Genie, Yes I was one of those students, a recent change in direction for me, which I am thoroughly enjoying....the story I wrote in this book is called 'The 'Island of Music', a mystery set on a Chinese island. Best regards,

Kaya said...

Wonderful, Gringo!!!! And the title of a short story is very intriguing. Love the title very much. And it's a mystery!!!

I got into illustration business for e-books on Amazon. I am working for a young writer who writes mystery-murder stories. So far I created two electronic book covers for two short stories. if you are interested to see them I can get you a link to them on Amazon.

Great post. I read it with a great interest.

Greetings from Kaya.