Monday, 13 June 2011

Japan: Narita: More photos from inside the Narita-san Shinjo-ji temple.


Kaya said...

I definitely want to be in this mysterious place. The more I look the more I try to understand what all these mean.

Gringo, I think these pictures are unique. Thank you for sharing with us them.

Great pictures and a very special place.

Greetings from Kaya.

Anonymous said...

What are those things in the first photo? I looked and looked and guessed but still not sure. :)

Gringo said...

Hi Aloysa, Well, the colourful top photo is a picture of sandles, something to wear in the temple after you've taken off your shoes.....the bottom picture is one of stones that are placed in the temple to record a donation to the temple by someone, maybe a relative, friend or colleague(s) of a person whose funeral was celebrated there.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

It's all just so different to anything we know, that's why it's fascinating to see your pictures Gringo. Would you say it was definitely worth the trip? Say for a person who is terrified of flying so every trip has to be thought out to the max haha!!

Gringo said...

Hi Perth, No question about it. Of all the countries I have visited Japan is the one I return to time and time again and from here Australia is half way there! Go for it!

RonJoe 'Geezer' said...

Greetings From Southern California

I am your newest follower. I invite you to visit my blog and become a follower, if you want too.

God bless you and have a nice day :-)

BTW, Great Photos!

Leovi said...

Magnificent, some very interesting photos.