Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Japan: I'd forgotten how sometimes the simplest of task like using the subway can be a problem!


Kaya said...

Oh, no!!!! I would be definitely lost in Japanese subway.

Interesting world and fascinating at the same time. Great pictures. And lot of emotions after studying them.

Many hugs and warm wishes to you, Gringo, from Utah.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

So, you are off again! I have taken the trains and subways of many countries, but this is surely the most complex map! Safe travels to you two -- I look forward to your photos (and some stories), s'il vous plaît!


Minusca said...

I know of written in Japanese, but I was hoping that there were also in English!

Nativa said...

My first subway experience, I found the maps quite complicated. I did not stay long enough to figure it out. Anyway I was with my kids so I did not really bother to learn because they were with me and knew how to read these maps!