Monday, 27 December 2010

UK:Norfolk: The unusually harsh winter continues.


Anonymous said...

Godmorning again Mr.Gringo!

i come here with my coffe and enjoy your walk!!

thas what a like a beautiful walk in nature!!Very nice!!

thanx for comments on my blog hehehe..who is Langulf hihihihi..My god you make me laugh man!!! know the photoes are totally amateur..If you had know which pain it was to go on that mountain you had laugh your self to i am a wrech in my body heheheh..

Continue take pix is very nice to visit you..BIG KISS

Linnea said...

Brrrr! Stay warm. Happy new year!

Kaya said...

Gringo, I know how it's cold right now in England. Please, stay warm.

These photographs are beautiful. It seems that not a lot of snow on the ground. When I look at bare trees I feel sad for some unknown reason.

My best to you from Utah.

Wind said...

Well, is a heavy winter also here in Romania!
...since yesterday!
I don't like winter, maybe because I was born in June...
Have my best regards!

Olga said...

I love these photos. It feels like an invigorating walk under the trees.