Sunday, 26 December 2010

UK: Norfolk: Always a difficult decision for these birds at Christmas, being left in the freezing cold, or a hot oven!


Anonymous said...

Goodmorning dear Friend!!

Having your tea and breakfast?hihihi..

what somenice birds in the you feed them too?

Here it is very cold..the sun is not up yet..But today i put on the mountain shoes and go far on the top..No no skies.he heheheh..may be another day..

we will be talking..have a good happy day Gringo:)))

Giulia said...

Oh, Gringo, these photos are dreadful for my sensibility about animals... In this moment, in the north of France, hunters are without compassion towards migratory birds !!!!! Have a nice New Year dinner. And HAPPY YEAR to you and your family. See you soon