Sunday, 19 December 2010

As it's minus 16c outside, here is a pic today of my favourite Japanese woodblock print by Hiroshiga Toyokuni 111 on my wall.


Anonymous said...

Hello Gringo!!

sorry not been able to comment on your blog lately..Iam very busy preparing for Christmas and blogging is just in and out!!

It is some beautiful photoes you have taken!!

Iam very happy to be your blog friend!!

alot of kisses from norway:))

Kaya said...

Ohhh, Gringo, this is an amazing piece of art!!!!

What amazed me the most is the idea of this painting and the combination of colors. Colors are telling the story of this three people. And a woman in black is a very mysterious. You wonder who is she? Is she young and old? What is she saying to a young woman?

This is a beautiful painting. Thank you for sharing this painting with us.

My best to you, Gringo.

Kaya said...

It's me again. I returned back to look at this painting and noticed that you wrote that it's minus 16c outside. That is freezing cold!!!! Stay warm, Gringo!!!!!

Olga said...

Thank you for sharing this image. I collect books with Japanese prints. Also I was lucky to work with originals in Prints and Drawings study center in Toronto. Stay warm - it is important:)