Friday, 17 September 2010

Norfolk: In nearby Felbrigg estate, an early morning walk amongst the cows and mist.


Anonymous said...

Hi sweet..havent you gone??

Nice is good to have some early mornings walks here..

Happy weekend and I am looking forward to Italy and that gas ballon..!!!!:))Mvh xxx

Kaya said...

Gringo, I always thought how you can make a picture of cows interesting and captivating... You did it!!!! And you gave me an idea how to shoot cows.

I also liked a cow who is looking at us, the only one for some reason decided to pay attention to you.

I am guessing that picture was taken in a hazy day.

Interesting composition. Nice photo.

Kaya said...

Gringo, I have changed my picture to a different image. I am still your follower and always be...

Hope, you are having a great time in Italy. I am waiting for more photos about this interesting country.

Sciarada said...

Ciao Gringo, a bucolic corner of paradise!
Have a good day!