Monday, 12 July 2010

China: On the island of Gulangyu, where cars and even bicycles are forbidden, there is only one way to get deliveries to your home!


Mike said...

Looks like this place needs lot of financial support. I hope people dont sleep with empty stomach in the night. This place is silently shouting "HELP US, HELP US"

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Butterfly said...

I agree with Mike, they seems such unhappy people and make me feel guilty about my frivol wishes like a new dress or new shoes...:(

Gringo said...

Hi Butterfly/Mike - Thanks for your comments - This photo is deceptive, I took it about 16 years ago. Because all forms of transport on the island are banned, the men you see here are actually very enterprising hard working guys who make a decent living by deliving EVERYTHING that arrives on the island to the homes of the inhabitants.....i.e. fridges, cookers, furniture etc. I believe nowadays the island is much more prosperous, and of course, famous.